Sunday 10 May 2020

[Poem] Some Thoughts on Forgiveness

NaPoWriMo- 17 GloPoWriMo-17
If you haven’t sinned at all
But you're told “I forgive you”
Would it offend?
I suppose it would.
Not only that -
It would incite indignation
And open the doors to be forgiven in turn.

What of the juvenile
Who was absolved of a brutal rape/murder?
Who walks free today?
Condoned on account of his age
Does the condonation suggest
That he hasn’t done any wrong at all?
Will the mother ever forgive or forget?

Forgiveness is a myth
As long memory exists
Despite all the coaxing to move on
It lies somewhere
An inert dog in the sun
Who suddenly wakes and bark.

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