Thursday, 31 March 2016

[Poem] April Showers


April brings in showers and a wanton breeze
Halting the cold from bidding an early retreat
Watering the earth to release its treasure
So eyes and hearts feel insane pleasure.

Did a cosmic botanist with capital skill
Design and shape them at will
Tracing each bloom with a feathery quill
Emptying canisters of colour, in timeless refill?

Did he with his bare hands mould
Working with pipettes and burettes of gold
Dabbing, dripping mixing, freeing
A drop, a tinge, a splash, a spray,     
Unleashing a springtime sight so gay.
The earth is awash with a befuddled array-
Pert Petunias in red, purple, white, pink,
Wild chamomile that dance in the wind
Lush lavenders do  bob their heads in every trail
Orange marigolds heighten the Amber sun
Faint incense of Frangipani dulls the sense
While the moon flower trumpets its scent upon the night air
Pathways carpeted with purple yarrow
So we may sing and dance and play as if there is no tomorrow.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

[Poem] A hospital waiting room

A stillness,
 like a clear Austrian Lake-
the light dim
the TV plays a flat channel
on volume close to 2
lending light and nothing more.

A mobile sings gently,
Rippling the silence
An inaudible whisper
A swish of clothes
A form rises,
a muffled adieu
Drifts upon the air as it leaves.

A black clad form floats in
 a hushed greeting
settles down in the void.

In waiting rooms,
Women don't talk of
The weather

They stare intently
at bags shoes and phones
May be they meditate
Or ruminate
over home, quarrels, finances, children...

Does illness make one taciturn?

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

[Book Promo] Summerita Rhayne's His Christmas Delight

Promoting a friend's book. 

Caught by Santa!
For Myra, Christmas means supporting her friends. They rallied round getting her back on her feet after she lost Pete, her husband, so she's always ready to help any of them. No matter to what lengths the challenge makes her go. Only she didn't expect to find Santa almost catching her in her wrongdoings. Then she finds that the handsome Santa is Jay, her old high school friend. Now he's changed from a gangly geek to an attractive stranger. After missing out on the dating scene for a long time after losing Pete, she feels the first stirring of desire. But Jay is playing hot and cold, refusing to admit the attraction sizzling between them.

He’s back in Goa just for Christmas
Jay knew Myra as his best friend's girl. Now Pete is gone, but Jay is finding difficult to let go of the scars he picked up in Coast Guard service. He’s home only to help revive his brother’s toy shop. When he finds himself making excuses to stay, he knows he’s crossing the limits he’d set himself. What’s the purpose in taking this further when he knows he cannot be the one to give her the happiness she deserves?  But no matter how hard he tries, the scorching flames of wanting only seem to get stronger. How can he keep on denying the attraction between them when she insists on coming close?...
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