Saturday, 22 November 2014

[Poem] Splintered Nights

My house collapses, then vanishes completely;
A hitherto undiscovered room
materializes, giving joy.
A friendly ghost wanders across darkened rooms
A loved face gets close then disappears.
A whiff of happiness, I smile.

A baby cries fearing the lofty swing of the sling in a tree.
Frantic running up and down a stairway
I sprint across fields of corn and sunflower,
then chased by a man who freezes into a scarecrow,
Scythe in hand, I wake up,

The sun beats down on me
lying motionless in the desert sand;
A loved one, long dead,
Comes to the rescue.
In stormy seas, in a capsizing boat,
next flying to safety in a hang gliding float.
Standing silhouetted at a precipice,
a long fall to wakening.

I live many lives, I paint other lives,
All within one night,
Enactments in a mind scape                                     
night after night-
not for me the wait of many births.
Events of waking life,
re-lived as I will - them.
Arguments lost are now won.
Fears surface, regrets too
tears fall and it is safe to cry.
I pen amazing songs,
Think up fantastic plots
Only, they are lost in waking.

Innumerable incidents,
half remembered snatches
of events dismembered,
Reassigned outcomes.
My sleep life more exciting,
more intriguing
by the boredom of waking.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

[Poem] Cloudy days

I like cloudy days
Where the light
From light to dark
whetting excitement
Of possible rain;

Rain clouds strewn like grimy wool-
 as though a crazed shearer
 went berserk
piling earth's canopy with his handiwork.

Then the sun zooms in regally,
scuttling, scattering, the scampering cloud cover
plunging earth in a heat shower.

The clouds tiptoe in,
on stealth mode
 and thunder rumbles
 Heralding a portent battle.

The light and dark,
The cool and hot,
The breeze and calm
The noise and silence
Makes the day a symphony of hope and despair.

Life painted and played over
On a vast blue canvas
For some to watch and learn!