Saturday 7 April 2012

[Translation] Bharathiyaar: Chinnan Chiru Kiliye

Chinnan Chiru Kiliye

 This poem is one of the greatest tributes to being a parent.It explores the various emotions that parents feel for their offspring. The child addressed here may be the god Krishna for whom the poet had special affinity, but the child here could very easily be any child. 

Chinnan chirukkiLiyE kaNNammA selvak-kaLanjiyamE
Ennaik-kali theerthey ulagil Etram puriya vandAi
PiLLaik-kaniyamudE kaNNammA pEsum por-chittiramE
ALLi aNaittiDavE en munnE Adi varum tEnE

Odi varugaiyilE kaNNammA uLLam kuLirudaDi       
Adi-tiridal kaNDAl unnaip-pOi Avi tazhuvudaDI
Ucchi tanai mughandAl garuvam Ongi vaLarudaDi
Mecchi unnai oorar pugazhndAl mEni shilirkkudaDI

Kannattil muttamittal uLLam thAn kaL veri koLLudaDi
Unnait-tazhuvidilO kaNnammA unnatham,AgudaDI
Un kaNNil neer vazhindAl ennenjil udiram koTTudaDi
En kaNNin pAvaiyanrO kaNNammA ennuyir ninradanrO?

O tiniest of tiny parrot Kannamma, o treasure trove of all wealth!
You have come into this world to rid me of all my sins and elevate me;
You are as sweet as the nectar of a tender fruit Kannama,
-You are a golden painting that has come alive.
When you come dancing before me, my sweet,
You urge me to pick and cuddle you in delight.

There is such peace in my heart Kannamma when you come running towards me-
My souls engulfs you every time you dance and scamper around me.
Oh! I swell with pride when I plant a kiss on your forehead-
My being shudders when people appreciate and praise you.

Kissing your cheeks accomplishes such great intoxication,
and each embrace grants such ecstasy.
But when a tear drops from your eye, my heart begins to bleed;
Are you not the pupil of my eye Kanamma?
And is my life not entirely yours?


  1. Indeed a very poetic and endearing translation. Thanks BS

  2. ur's is the apt translation of all the available lot... plz translate other Bharathi's poems when you find time..Thank you..

  3. A great job. Thanks for your posts. Enjoyed it. Looking forward to many more such translation

  4. Havent heard the song.... but sure will soon.
    However, the lyrics in itself brings tears to my eyes....
    Thank you for posting here and hosting this blog.

    1. Thank you so much. Hope you like the song equally.

  5. Suddenly decided to listen to this song and then searched for the meaning. After looking at several sites that had dismal ones, I was thankful I stumbled upon your site and the amazing quality in translation. Hats off for not comprising!

  6. This item is so elegantly set out and a beautiful deep poem by Master in Tamil language .

  7. What an extraordinary poem and it's translation. Million thanks for the reference poem too. Looking forward for more of your translations.

  8. Absolutely blessed to read this... 🌺🌹💖♥️Thank you so much for your hard work and time that has gone into this... Appreciate it from the depths of my soul 🙏🏾🌺🌹🌺🙏🏾♥️

  9. Your translation encompasses the whole essence of Bharathiar's version. Excellent

  10. what a masterly translation ! Reading it makes my eyes well up. Awesome !

  11. One needs to know Tamil literature and poetic language to understand this beautiful composition. Without this translation, I could not fathom the true meaning! Thank you.

  12. Extremely fantastic 😭✨⚡️

  13. Karthik Srinivasan9 August 2023 at 08:03

    This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing!


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