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If we look at our life it seems that life is one long journey that involves a lot of waiting. When we are young – we are often told – ‘You are too young for this ' or ‘Wait till you grow up!’ There is so much curiosity in childhood about what people(especially my dad) do in offices and why falling in love is a taboo. I am reminded of my frustration when my limited rights have been taken away from me as punishment and of that ubiquitous neighbourhood bully who ensured my forced 'grounding' and how much these instances triggered my desperation to grow up.

When one is five years old, adulthood seems like its only five years away. But once there, there are still things that are out of reach. Like the fact that you cant play for too long outside, there are issues with pocket money and that bully continues to be a threat. So then you tell yourself 'wait a few more years'- and you meander through life and before you know it you are twenty.

For a five year old by 20 one should realistically be over the moon- but alas as we age our needs change too. So the obsession with where dad goes in the morning is not there anymore- in fact you don’t care where he goes as long as he finances your needs- now the wait is for that particular college in the city and that particular course.

And I almost forgot that particular member of the opposite sex whom you have decided that you can't live without for the rest of your life.
Then there is that wait for the job, the promotion, the desired salary –the house in the upmarket locality, the car that is the envy of all your friends, the children that excel in academics-The list of all the things we wait for seems endless...

Recently a thought crossed my mind. Amid this endless waiting people have stopped to ask these questions as well.
 Is there a meaning to life?
Is there life after death?
Is there a god up there somewhere and do people keep their tryst with their maker?

So this endless rehearsals that is played out through out our life with waiting and outcome- is for that one major wait for that all important answer-
Unfortunately the dead don’t return to enlighten us and when death does take one away we may be past caring for the outcome.


  1. Dear Ilakiya,nice one..

    Definitely the dead would not return to enlighten us but when we reach that stage and can look back at the life we have lived with a smile on our lips then for sure that life was a meaningful one.

    I think we always forget that for a bright tomorrow the foundation should be laid today and for a bright today the foundation should have been laid yesterday..like we expect our children to come first in their respective classes where rather we should insist that they understand what they study,can communicate what they understand,can question what they don't understand.
    So i guess if the foundation is right the luxuries of life would follow eventually.

    Again is the life worth living if u haven't had ur share of adventure??:-)).So i guess we can break some rules .Afterall we live only once and who knows what happens afterwards...

  2. Thank you for your comment Priya... But whatever made you assume that I have presented a pessimistic view of life? I am all for life -- its beauty and its mystery... I was merely focusing on the aspect of 'Waiting' that precedes milestones in our lives...


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