Sunday 10 May 2020

[Poem] A HATE POEM (Written About oneself)

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A HATE POEM (Written About oneself) 
Hey there! Walking with your head in the air
Looking down on us mere mortals with disdain
Do you really think you have the best brain? 
You swaggering, pompous know all
I’m forever plotting your downfall.
You nod at our jokes sagely
Then posit a theory airily
You were cottons and talk of abstinence
Shaming our silk ‘n’ gold with a cold countenance.
You jump up and take the mike
Whenever opportunity strikes
Then you sing, speak, put on an act
Don’t you have any tact?
Fooling others with your humble act -
But you don’t fool me 
I see through your ruses ‘n’ your subterfuges
You large weasel strutting about like a gazelle
Do you delude yourself that you’re fit for da Vinci’s easel?
Why do you dress up even to throw out the garbage
Like a film star at an inauguration, you cabbage?
You top heavy, arrogant, megalomaniac
I’m waiting to down you with a killer wisecrack.

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