Sunday 10 May 2020

[Ekphrastic Poem] Bruno Catelano's Sculpture

TSL NaPoWriMo 22 GloPoWriMo 22
Art cannot be divided into sections and often one flows into the other. Painters may use a great work of literature as their theme while poets can be inspired by paintings and sculptures.
This is a sculpture by a
  modern sculptor, Bruno Catalano. Bruno Catalano (born :-1960 - ), is a French sculptor, most renowned for creating sculptures of figures with substantial sections missing.
He has created life -size bronze sculptures, called, ' Les Voyageurs'. The one here is called, 'Fragments' and is located in Venice, Italy.
He takes the plunge
Into impossible waters
Hounded by a greater fear
Carrying nothing but a few belongings in a blue bag
A truckload of memories
A tome of suffering, of loved ones
Left behind or are long gone. 
Caught between the devil
And the deep sea
He finds solace in its embrace
He is the fleeing refugee
Having nothing more to lose
Death in a choppy sea is solace
It will permanently erase all memory
But fate always has a different plan.
Casting him ashore in an alien land
It even saves his blue bag
Will he survive?
Will life be any different?
Will be questions that rise and fall
Like sea waves
A shadow of his former self emerges
Grows in stature as hope rises
It grows, it glows -
A faith reinforcing conflagration.

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