Sunday 10 May 2020

[Poem] An AndAdi

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AndAdi –(Hindi -Anth + Adi) where a form / variation/ root of the ending word of the first line becomes the first word of the next line. This form has been long in use in Tamizh literature since the Sangam period.
AndAdi can be written composed either as couplets quatrains or longer pieces.  

Her heart grows restless
 Rest is a word from the past

Passing from childhood has made her truant
Truancy a badge youth prides
Pridefully she wore her beauty and youth
Youthful longings and pleasures she sought
Seekers easily find recalcitrant love

Love that thrives on the blood of innocence
Innocence, the sacrificial lamb of maturity
Mature though she grew yet she pines for the ravager
Ravaging lips that plundered her body endlessly
Endless tugs at her earlobes, restless the serpent explored
Exploring, his voice grew hoarse, “I love you!” he said
Sayings have a way of winning tremulous hearts over
Overhead an angel shed tears as he envisioned her pain
Painful was the moment when he left without a word
Wordlessly she watched his indifferent retreat
Retreating into a shell the girl is now a shadow of herself

Self-destruction who do the youth seek it out eagerly?
Eager as moths that rush towards flames hastening their deaths?

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