Sunday 10 May 2020

[Poem] Comance (Romance) in Rorona (Corona) mites(times)

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It was quite a tall task to write a poem using pun, malapropisms and spoonerisms.
Comance (Romance) in Rorona (Corona) mites(Times)
The poached cotato that hibernates in the sofa rises
Examines its surroundings in profusion (confusion)
Proceeds to the kitchen eager for a solution
That morning delusion - the pancake(panacea) for all ills-
Ambles in without a preamble.
Non greeting, non hugging, grunting, tapping
The shemale inversed (immersed) in music and
Demands accusingly “Where’s my coffee?”
“It will come!” she thunders from a music infused ear
Though she often thunders from empty headphones.
They are magnates (magnets) in north pole.
He lingers.
Looking askance at his countenance she misreads the presence.
She does a break dance-
Jiggles, wiggles, tickles his knuckles - he stumbles, fumbles.
Grabs her waist - mid stance.
She regards the eye of her guy
Eagerly. The beaver plonks her down - the killer joy.(Kill joy)
“Break fast!” He mouths pronouncedly.
“Compost ...err... bread toast!” she shouts.
There escapes a snort from a seething snout. The hulk ambles off in a huff.
There goes my russet potato manacle clad ( A spinoff of Shakespeare’s famous line Look the morn in russet mantle clad) she muses, sighs and retreats.
Dead meat trapped in lives dead beat.

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