Tuesday 7 April 2020

[Poem] Ekphraistic Poem

Day 6
An Ekphrastic Poem based on Jheronimus Bosch’s Painting The Garden of Earthly Delights
I am a child clement
I have no need for raiment
I am the child of god, the father of man
Before Noah’s arc
Before the flood
And the fear it instilled
Before Satan talked or walked
Before Eve’s flagrancy
Before One became Three?
Heaven, Earth, Hell
After the first man fell.

If it were a fall why then a ball?
Why the wild party, the orgy?
Why the vagrant Profligacy?
Every man, animal, being
Indulging in amorous coupling?

What if I drew a wrong analogy?
A gross misreading of a great allegory?
Perhaps the painting is from right to left?

What if I am the consciousness that sleeps as you dream up galaxies?
Or what if I am extra-terrestrial
Armed with machines industrial
In a world where men and women are equal
I gave light, music, I built transport buildings, museums.

But perhaps man fell 
As he is wont to fall
Every mortal greed stems from the flesh
The centre couldn’t hold?

In a blood thirsty virus’ strangle hold
The World burned whole
Manu or Noah was United
With the Pluralistic One?

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