Saturday 4 April 2020

[Poem] Dreamscapes

Trudging the yellow sand
While the sea stands -
A massive wall of undulating alum
I gather pearls from open clam
Shells, that lie scattered in the fog
Like cranberries in a bog

I am a boat unfettered, free
Floating upon a dancing sea
With senses lulled by the tender breeze
I join dolphins in unihemispheric sleep

I wake to the sound of thunder and lightning
In a boat that resembles a drum with no holding
I career this way and that upon a violent sea
While rain falls in torrents around me
My scream is an echo that floats in from afar
Through squinched eyes I spy a boatman with an oar
My spirits rise, perhaps he would steer me to the shore?
He gives out a blood curdling howl, I tumble and fall to the ocean floor.

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