[ Translation] Bharathiyaar Mohathai Kondru Vidu

This poem is an ardent prayer to the mother goddess Shakthi,  in which the poet appeals for strength to overcome the desires of the flesh. He is willing to even give up his life in order to beget the favour of the goddess and achieve a higher level of consciousness. The poem has been beautifully sung by Shri Maharajapuram Santhanam in Bageshree. 

Original :
 Mohathai kondru vidu
mogathai konru vidu -
 allal endhan moochai niruthi vidu
dhaegathai saaithu vidu -
 adhil sindhanai maaithu vidu
yogathiruthi vidu -
 allal endhan oonaich chidaithuvidu
ingullana yaavaiyum seibavale

bandhathai neeki vidu -
 allal uyir baarathai poki vidu
sindhai thelivaaku - allal idhai seththa udalaaku
indha padhargalaye ellam ena enni iruppaeno
endha porulilume ullaen endriyangi iruppavalae 

ullam kuliraadho - poiyanava
oonam ozhiyaadho
kallam urugaadho - amma bakthi
kanneer perugaadho
vellak karunaiyilae - inna siru
vaetkai thaviraadho
villarkariyavalae anaithilum
maevee iruppavalae.

Kill this- my desire, 
else stop this-my breath.  
Make this body drop,
and dissipate these thoughts within.
Induce (in me) a meditative state
Else burn up to cinders this flesh.
Do this O Omnipotent One,
Who does All, in this world.

Rid me of all my bonds,
Else remove the weight of this life.
Grant me clarity of thought,
Else make this, a lifeless form.
Would I ever put much store by this worthless humanity?
O Omnipresent One, when it is You, who are inside of everything!

Is your heart not pleased to make these false afflictions flee?
Will my tearful devotion, not cleanse the false self?
In that fount of Your Kindness, will my simple thirst not be quenched?
Do this, O Incomprehensible one! You! who are present everywhere!


  1. The words in the poem bring out Bharati's intense devotion and Bhakti for Ambal!!!

    He is pleading her for gnanam and liberation! Your translation is crisp and precise. Well Done!!!


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