[Poem] MI -rage


                                                                         The MI -rage

How easy it is to die 
To close the eye in final sleep 
Leave all the cares behind 
This frame swathed and entwined 
In the tentacles of 
Want, Age, illness and an overactive guilt 
Emotions tearing up my core 
Leaching their way out 
Fuelled by my impotence…

Trapped in the trench of inaction 
I seek
Meaning, causality, closure… 
Grabbing rotting vines 
I seek 
In religion and philosophy! 
Hope is but a thin shaft of light or rope 
In the increasing darkness I grope …

The gods are safely housed in their temples 
And sages no longer walk the earth.

Who will hear the infant’s cry? 
Who will heal when epidemics strike?
Who will wipe the tearful sweat,
of toilers in the mud? 
Who will release the hoarded wealth? 
Who shall halt the will to kill for petty thefts? 
Who can stay the hunger deaths? 
Who can stem human depravity? 
Who will heed the shriek of a bleeding earth? 
Will Love ever again walk this earth?

Will love ever walk this Earth? 
And make your pain, your cry, your voice, mine?
Will love ever be an open mine
That bursts forth in ochre, crimson, amber, citrine…

If all of mankind’s rage fuelled a volcano, it would soar like an inferno
to burn and grind to dust,
All that is aught in this world.

A burning flavescent flame that thaws the human heart
Burns up into ash
The evil, the callousness, the disregard
Melted in the magma of human rage
Smelted to birth Human Love 
Humane humanity’s return
Sadly, in this age, 
This image 
but a mirage…


  1. An amateurish attempt Bhuvana:
    Don't despair my dear,
    the mirage will not last forever.
    Hold your faith a while longer,
    the Oasis is not very far.

  2. Fantastic expression Bhuvana.. Awesome!

  3. I know not your inspiration to write poems.. but you are the inspiration behind my amateurish attempt. :-)

  4. Thank you Kaveri Krishnamurthy for the ray of hope and the encouragement! I sincerely feel you should write more, not because you are inspired by me but because you write well...

  5. Why should there be so much despair?
    The mind is a wanderlust
    The eyes mislead the mind into action
    Often ending up chasing a mirage
    Take note and control the mind
    Soon enough you will be in a sea of tranquility!

    1. Sridharji, the problems in this world, the problems I describe here are real - they exist and everyday the newspapers and news channels carry stories of some or all of them- well there are many ways we can handle this - one is apathy-- which is what the educated, elite do, the next is to seek refuge in philosophy and a very few translate this despair into action... But I believe that the first step one needs to take is at least acknowledge the problem...


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