Friday, 22 February 2013

[Translation] Vairamuthu's Nenjukule from the film "Kadal"

Its not usual for me to spend my energies on translating film songs but I have made an exception for this one out of sheer respect for ARR's music, Vairamuthu's lyricism and my addiction to this song.

So here is my translation of this song and I have stayed as close as possible to the original.

Nenjukulley Omma Mudunjirukaen
Inga Ethisayil En Pozhapu Vidinjiruko?
Vella Paarva Veesiviteer Munadi
Intha Thangatha Manasu Thanni Patta Kanadi

Vanna Maniyaram Valathukai Gediyaram
Aana Puliyellam Adukkum Athigaram
Neer Pona Pinnum Nizhal Mattum Pogalayae Pogalayae
Nenju Kuzhiyil Nizhal Vanthu Vizhunthiruchu
Appa Nimunthavathan Apuramma Guniyalayae Guniyalayae
Kodakambi Pola Manam Kuthi Nikkuthae

Patchi Urangirichu Paal Thayiraa Thoongirichu
Ichi Marathu Maela Elai Kooda Thoongiruchi
Kaasa Noigarigalum Kanurangum Vaelayila
Aasa Noi Vanthu Maga Ara Nimisam Thoongalayae

Oh Oru Vaai Irangalayae Ulnakku Nenaiyalayae
Aezhu Èttu Naala Èchil Muzhungalaye
Aezha Ilanchirukki Aethum Šølla Mudiyalayae
Rubber Valavikkellam Šathamida Vaiyillayae

I have tied you up in the strings of my heart
I wonder though what direction my life would take!
By throwing an innocent glance in my direction
you have turned my fragile heart into a water stained mirror
Your only adornment the watch on your right wrist
But your demeanour is enough to halt a tiger
Though you have gone - your shadow it stays on it stays on
and it has fallen in the hollow of my heart
Carrying (the weight of) your form in my heart I haven't bent down, I haven't bent down
My heart remains erect like the poles of an opened umbrella.

The birds are asleep and the milk has curdled
The leaves of the 'ichi' tree are asleep
Even those afflicted with tuberculosis have finally fallen asleep
But I, who have been afflicted in the heart can't have a moment's shut eye

Haven't eaten even a mouthful or drank a drop of water
Haven't swallowed anything for over seven eight days
I am but a poor young girl who can't express herself
Rubber bangles don't have the luxury of making a noise!( unlike glass bangles)

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