Friday, 27 January 2017

[Poem] Contemplation

On a waterless sea

Floating on the breeze
Euphoric sometimes melancholic

A music
Born of the soul
Fathered by emotion

They swim and float
No ebbs
Only tides and more
Storms rage
And cool winds moan

From your eyes
And mine
I can barely taste
The spray
Carried by the wind
No oceans hold
Nor land
Only the air
The devout messenger
Unto devout hands

Friday, 20 January 2017

[Poem] Miss. Love

I am a wraith
Fanning away at your bedewed forehead
A gentle breeze in a window less room

I am
A shy head shake
A fleeting thought
A fluttering heart beat
A tingle down your spine
A joyous song
A smile that weaves your lips

I am a mist
Rising and falling
With each breath
Living in utterances

I am shadow
Sinking in your silences

I am a fog
Engulfing your  contours
I fall as tears from adoring eyes
Only to dart back quickly
And snuggle deep
Amid your supple lips

Monday, 9 January 2017

[Poem] Anomaly

The giraffe sits on a car
The Sun hangs dangerously low
A clown grimaces at passerby below
Rabbits swing threaded to a pole
A whale halts poised over an antelope
Ambulances wait patiently behind busses and scooters

At the local toy store...

[Poem] The Neem Tree

                                    Image from:

I sit here
In this plush hall
Wooden panelled
With leaf inlays in gold
Sofas of rosewood and teak
Covered in leather
Await invasion
The carpet is green
'Green is good for the eyes'
They say
I wait, desperation mounting
For you.

The search began with a dream long forgotten
Of that summer...

In the duclet shade
We played
The sweet wind blew
It rained tender yellow petals
and berry showers of jade
'They are grapes'
You proffered
In recall
They taste sweet
We strung them together
in crooked necklaces
Jagged embellishments
that fell
Crushed and stained our clothes
As we knelt down
And I learnt to write
My first words
My first times table
The world echoed with our laughter
                                     Image from:

Under the neem tree in the yard
 If I could stop time
I would stop it then

Now, that you are gone
This desperate pilgrimage
To kindle a crumbling memory

My search ends
I know all is in vain
The manager laughs
He stares at me strangely
When he hears the year
'We took down all the trees
A long time ago'

I whirl around dizzily
To find the spot
  From which all my memories grow

A sudden fear grips me
And I begin to see the dead
Animals, the dead tress in a
Dying Planet