Sunday, 29 March 2015

[Poem] If Feathers Grew on Trees...

This is an allegorical poem about the way we assign great value to things we consider precious, but the same things lose their value once they are available in abundance.

If peacock's feathers grew on tress
Each thread a shimmering fibre--
The colours perfect
The green blue and the almost black
with flecks of sprayed gold.

What if the feathers were all leaves?
Soft and supple to touch and feel against the cheek,
would children still lock them inside books?
And free brittle memories in later years?

Would fallen feathers feel trampling feet?
And would tuned ears miss the rustle of crunching leaves?

Would they line our walls?
or fill our downy beds...
would they 

Sunday, 8 March 2015

[Poem] That smile

Sometimes, an expression can catch your fancy, and linger in your memory for a long time. We often come across such beautiful expressions in films especially when a great actor is emoting.
I was watching a film recently.  There was a scene in which a young man was going away for a long time and as he said goodbye to his lady love -his expression was so arresting- it spoke of his love and his sadness at the parting at the same time.  I paused the scene and wrote this down, more as to record that memory of that moment.

I know that smile!
when you look right into my eyes,
your face half hidden-
the lip curl
and purse
the eyebrow lift;

I know that smile,
so close
your breath on my shoulder
I know that smile
as mine...