[Poem] Nest - A Ghazal

Built we a home, a place, our nest
A place of love and of rest, nest

Some homes are built for conceit
 But ours, is no weaver bird's nest

In the pile of straw, grass and twigs
Tiny eggs ripple in the warm nest

This home, an open womb, an incubator
Eager fledglings cackle and grope, in the nest

The laughter and cries of children,
The sound of running feet, fills our nest

Wonder why some choose to discard
Their eggs, their future, in another nest?

Perhaps they are the wise, perhaps they know
Fledglings will grow wings and desert the nest?

Oh Illakiya! a few feeble twigs, limp grass and floppy straw
A shell that houses empty shells, is that still, a nest?


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