Tuesday, 7 March 2017

[Poem] Ras Lila: A Roseate Sonnet

This is a roseate sonnet on the Ras Lila. The roseate sonnet consists of three quatrains and a rhyming couplet. The first letters of the last quatrain begin with R O S E and hence the name Roseate sonnet.

Image source: http://www.junglekey.in/search.php?query=Rasa+lila&type=image&lang=en&region=in&img=1&adv=1

Dusk meanders in like a giant inebriate
Thoughts held at bay, through the day
 Rise and take hold, sleep - vagrant, inchoate
 I dread another night of agonized dismay

I stray listlessly, find my friends in the bower
Each languid, in different states of disarray
Wander they, as I, in search of the Eternal Lover
Callous, whimsical, he hold us in his irresistible sway

At last, strains from his flute float in, through the falling dew
Our spirits rise and joys engulf, as if on cue

Radiant, effulgent, ever youthful, blue hued lover
Offer I, me, up to you, to do as you will
Salvage my failing spirit, O saviour
Enfold, embrace, of your benevolence, let me have my fill

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