[Poem] Control

Many things in life, have to be admired and experienced from a distance.
But sometimes we are seized by a childish desire to own, to appropriate for ourselves alone the beauty that we see. But the owning, might result in the disappearance of the very object we covet.
This poem uses a glass of water as a metaphor to elaborate this idea.

A glass of water sits on the table

I detect
Patterns of iridescence
the colours of the rainbow
As the light falls
The breeze
Causes delectable ripples

I let it sit there
Drinking with my eyes
And incredible joy engulfs my being

Then I pick it up
Let the liquid flow
Drop by drop
In my mouth's hollow
The last drop lingers in my lips
but it too vanishes
at last

I thought the drinking
Would leave me all tingling
Brimming with the overflow-
A surfeit
Filling all my pores

Yet, there is only an emptiness
A loss, a void,
A regret at what once was
And IS no more again...


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