Monday, 7 November 2016

[Poem] Dust Winds Blow Again

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Faint light streams
From a leaden sky
The sun has gone to rest
In his fallow realm
It is earth's turn
At the helm
Birds return to roost
All confused

Wind tumbles through the trees
 Pounding on my roof top
 Distant thunder rumbles
A hungry giant's grumble

Vast cotton balls of dust move
As though propelled
By an invisible blower
Cloaking greenery,
 Dwellings in a brown mail

Grey inks the blue sky
And mornings turn to dusk
Curtains of dust hang
From invisible hooks suspended

Hopes for rain
Are wishful
Eyes singe
And nostrils writhe
Faces turn ashen

In the pall of gloom
Flowers in bloom
Frail leaves tremble
In hope
 Their rain lover
To unravel
Their chaste hue
 In one stroke

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