Monday, 31 October 2016

[Poem] The song of the Mother

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The speck grew limb by limb
Swimming in animate waters
A sacred chalice, veiled
In the chancel of her womb
He throbbed and kicked
She was awash with  thrill 
He swelled in strength
Filling every space in her heart

And when the world called to him
He saw it first through her eyes
Propped against a warm shoulder
He hid from fear
And sought out cheer
Drooling, bubbling, gurgling
He was a cloudburst of joy

He learnt to crawl then to walk
When he began to talk
He just couldn't stop
'Mother, I shall never leave you'
He said

'Don't wrap him in your apron strings
He is grown, let him be
Let go
He belongs not in your world
Give him up
to the world of men'
They said

So she sent him away.

His education complete
He returned a man
With a grown up mustache
With limbs grown longer
He dwarfed her
in height and in manner

She pecked shyly at the cheeks
On which she had rained kisses
She grasped the hand
That had clasped her forefinger tight
She stroked his rough hair
That was silken when he left
He nodded all adult like
Talked in clipped tone
She heard her heart moan

Was her little boy lost?
Was his grooming at a cost?
Was his exile worthwhile?
Agitation riled

He got up to leave and smiled
As he bid good bye
In a flash she saw
His hesitation
A look that she knew too well
(A mother can always tell)
Though it vanished
It lingered
She knew then
That her little boy walked again


  1. He then returned,
    To tell her what he'd found!
    The mystery of the life,
    That made her believe,
    She was still his mother,
    And he, her child!!!

  2. How beautifully you have expressed the love of a mother for her son, Bhuvana! The warmth and the emotions come across so palpably! Kudos!