Tuesday, 23 August 2016

[Poem] How Can My Love Hold Him? When...

He is a wanderer  he is a rebel
He is wanton he is wild
He is a fiend most dreadful
But he is also gentle as a child

He is a traveller adventurous
Tripping around in the wilderness
He flutes as he scales mountains
And sings as he rides the seas

No windows stop, no door bars his way
Bodies come under his sway
They surrender, All is his - to plunder

He is the classic imp
undoing a button here, pulling a pleat there
He pushes hats and caps awry
Setting the locks beneath free

How can my love hold him, when nothing can?
He is the breeze, a tease upon the trees
And all I can do - is
Sing of his caprice.

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