Monday, 2 May 2016

[Poem] For Father

Don't glide into the night
Oh gentle knight
The dark holds many terrors
Monsters prowl in gloomy pools
shadows shift, creep, crawl and hide in secret corners
An owl's hoot is music most dread
So is the jackal's call and the hyena's whine
In darkened thickets crickets sing
And fireflies lead down paths where danger lurks
The giant cat's paw treads lightly on the brush
Alas, no lanterns can light these paths...

Do not go just yet
Oh gentle knight
Let us sit here by the warm fire
And weave tales of delight
Spin the yarn in favoured shapes
 A fount of youth for you
A pool where all wounds heal
Let's unreel Time's Wheel
Find the garden where we sat
You and me
And two more in our company 

Do not glide into the night
Oh gentle knight
Pray, stay awhile, warm, in a golden heart's glow.

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