Friday, 8 April 2016

[Poem] Heroine-ism

 This is a story poem inspired by a real incident that took place in an African village, in a civil war, where a mother had the cruel choice of pitting her child's life against the life of 20 other people and she chose to leave her infant in the hands of god to save the lives of the people of her village.

The terrorists went on a rampage
Wrecking carnage
Spraying bullets like a can of paint
Civilians fell without complaint

In the silence after the storm
The cry of an infant echoed in the distance
The captain signaled his troops to silence
Feet advanced in the stillness
Hate advanced without a conscience
To the shack within a clearance

A Foot in boots kicked open the door
Hoping to find forms huddled
For more target practice
The captain so loved to see
Fear filled eyes of his victims to be

But upon the straw strewn floor
In the centre of the hovel
Lay an infant splaying its arms and feet 

‘Shall I kill it?’ asked a minion
‘No! let it be’ said the captain
‘Its mother thought to save it
Let it die now safe and slow'
In demonic laughter retreated
The gory retinue

The straw on the floor moved
And one by one twenty forms emerged
The mother ran in anxiety
To clutch and comfort her baby
Her eyes streaming in guilt
In vain she had tried to silence it
In the balance hung other lives
The mother made a monstrous choice

To save her brethren at any rate
She left her baby in the hands of fate
Oh how her poor heart did chafe
At leaving her precious bundle unsafe
She prayed that her infant be spared
And perhaps heaven’s heart was moved
The infant lived
And so does she 
In the hearts of the many she saved 

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