Tuesday, 5 April 2016

[Poem] Evenings in Summer


Evenings are best
When birds return to roost
Flying stretch marked skies with orange lesions
The shadows thicken
The earth looks new
In the indigo hue

In the fading sunlight
A truant cold emerges kissing parched skins
The slightest breeze
Gives the coldest thrill
The sea winks
At the dying day

Children fill homes with tired laughter
Smells rush out of kitchens unbidden
For trained nostrils to discern

Summer evenings are best
A cold shower’s tingling
 Fools us into believing that winter is here

Twilights are the best
When unshaded eyes feast
Upon cloud-streaked skies,
Emerging stars
And a shameful moon

Flowers unfurl
To trade their fragrances
The muskrose, the lily and the jasmine
Climbing woodbine the senses entwine

Yes evenings are best
Half smiles and hidden glances
Singe the senses
Mild intimacy
Evoking the daze
Of a night of embrace

Image: From the internet