Sunday, 31 January 2016

[Poem] Tinsel showers

Droplets fall
holding their place

in skewered lines
rows of
tiny pearl necklaces
 intricately layered
globules large and small
swing ever so gently
in the breeze

Entwined in
webbed frames
the pearly orbs
dangle perilously low
threateningly so

 the beaded curtains
hold on;
the king sleeps
in his royal chamber 

Sleep and dream
in your starry bed
the night is yours
moonlit, draped
in luminous splendour
lie and dream
Oh wanderer

The morning air and Sun
will harpoon and lambast
the fragile dew
and restore a sombre hue
to the skeletal frame

Weave silvery webs
in dreams
as you lie
bathed in tinsel showers


  1. Such exquisite imagery, as delicate as a tiny pearl necklace... a poem that thrills with its 'luminous splendour'. Kudos, Bhuvana!

    1. Deepti, I am so delighted! Thank you!

    2. Bhuvana, your imagination has reached the sky and fallen down as droplets in the form of a poem.