Sunday, 18 October 2015

[Poem] An infant's Cry

This poem is a response to the recent rape of toddlers and very young children happening across the country. 

I am just two, four or five
 tender fragile unformed am I

Every minute I widen my gaze
Every hour I aspire to learn
With stubby fingers
And a broken stride
 I dream to carve
A glorious destiny

 Too young to know
a friend from foe
gullible and defenseless am I

Angel from god am I
 Love my language
Innocence my mantle-
A vulnerable prey
to villainous guile am I

You are a neighbour, a trusted friend
Present at my birth
You partook the sweets
the celebratory meal
You turn odiously brutal

 With a heart long dead
you lure
with petty pacts
Candy, a promise of play,
a soiled 10 rupee note
Your putrid flesh
drowns me in your muck

Left for dead
I crawl to tell my tale

My body maimed for life
My trauma mine till the end of time
I relive over and over your senseless crime 
In fear and dread and terror I cry
Shamed by society am I

Where is your sense of right?
Why stay alive
when bestiality rages in your heart?
Here farmers take their lives
to escape the shame of debt
why don't You die
and rid the earth of its debt? its shame?

Violation of Trust, Body, Space,
My very existence
Don't just call it 'assault'
it's murder most foul
of a Body and Soul
By your death alone
 You can hope to atone


  1. superb. The facts just slapped on your face. A very different attempt to tell it all from the child's point of view. Excellent narration Bhuvaneswari

  2. Thanks so much Srinivasanji for your appreciation!