Tuesday, 20 October 2015

[Poem] Fantasy

This poem is a light heated exploration of the changing equations between the sexes. In olden times women were expected to conform to the dictates of Manu Shasthra and were obedient beings. In more recent times women have become more assertive so much so that there is a bid to wrest power from men. The tussle goes on ... This poem traces love from ancient times to the present ...

ARISE now, my love
the dying wick soots the lamp
and the rising dew mists the glass!

The naughty sun kisses the first clouds
and they blush a bright pink
and rush away swiftly to hide.

Bird song trills the morning air
as they eagerly share
 tales of a night of love

Arise now! let go of the hem
that lies tangled in your hold
 unbind the thoughts that coil us both

The bed needs making
the scented jasmine grows stale
wake up and brace up to meet a bright new day

The milk waits at the doorstep
 For breakfast we shall have offee and crepe
 as you ready yourself and catch the news

'Hey wake up!', hisses a voice
along with a hard kick to his shin
'It's your turn to make the tea!'

His cowers and slinks away with a sigh
Woe betide the thought that
'A morning's dream shall always come true ...'

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