Wednesday, 16 September 2015

[Poem] Bird Song

When the Universal Painter
Began His work
Did He draw your image first?
What the colour? what the quill?
what the shades and what the thoughts?

A dash of dark crimson here
A splash of warm brown there
A tinge of ash black
Or is that a new shade of brown- black?

Did He perchance rest His cheek
On your back
As He Held you in His loving grasp?
Did He rub your crown
With His auric hand
And did some of that gold
From a celestial source
Dredge and pepper your down?

As He shook His brush dry
Did a drop fall and tinge your eye?
Did He start with your eyes?

And why the white dots?
Those splendid white spots
That pattern your eyes and wings...

So many colours, so many shades
Why was He partial to you little bird?
Did you live with Him in Heaven?
Did you vie for attention
With other birds of Paradise?

Photo Credits: Sridharan Jeyapal, Henriksen Greaves