Wednesday, 19 August 2015

[Poem] River Song

This is a Roseate Sonnet a variation of the sonnet form that has been developed by Ampat Koshy. The form has two quatrains followed by a couplet and another quatrain. The first letters of the last quatrain begin with the letters R-O-S-E - from which sequence this form derives its name - 'Roseate.'

You fell gloriously from the skies,
And the god, was indeed mesmerized,
He stood up to meet your might,
And coiled you in his locks tight.

From thence you flowed to nether regions,
And liberated the slumbering legions,
You ran and made many paths of your own,
And you married again a king well known.

Your offspring you let drown in the water,
Only later we learn that you’re a liberator.

Reigning goddess with the raging waters,
Oh, many have sought refuge in your altars,
Sacred river, to me you embody female power,
Ever cleansing, everlasting, Himalayan flower!


  1. Bhuvana, so beautifully expressed. Would you mind if I sent this beautiful poem to my mother? She is planning to dramatize the story of the Ganga in her school, She would appreciate reading this, I am sure! The concept of the Roseate sonnet is also interesting.

    1. Thank you dear friend! It would be an honour if your mother read it out for school play. Yes the roseate sonnet is a great and challenging art form!

  2. Very beautifully rendered poem. Wow, Bhuvana. Looking forward for more.

  3. A very well-written one BS. Loved it Apt rhyming scheme too.