Saturday, 20 June 2015

[Poem] To Appa- My Mentor

This poem is a tribute to my father Ramanadhapuram Seshadri Shivakumar. He has been the guiding light in my life and is as encouraging today as he was in my childhood.

In the morning's light,
as you held my hand and walked tall-
I tried so hard to match your tread and walk straight-

And when we did sums in mental Maths
You winced, bit your lips and smiled...
I echoed your smile in oblivion.
When you freed your hand momentarily to greet passerby -
I greeted them too
Just to be like you...

Riding your shoulders, I have touched the Sun
and found learning at your feet was fun...
You nurtured my love for languages;
You painstakingly typed out my first scribblings
and shared with everyone those silly rhymes...

You were always there,
in my hour of need,
You are always there,
In thought and deed.

I never thought to thank you for my first published verse,
I never cared to thank you for all the times you were at my side,
For all the smiles and all the encouraging words that only You could say,
Every time I failed, you only said, 'Never mind, there's always time!'
but then,
Do we ever thank the air we breathe or the water that nurtures Life?

Even today, it is with you, that I share my verse first,
it is For you, I write my thoughts-
It is to you, I dedicate my little successes...

You sit calmly in your easy chair,
wearing your beatific smile
the ravages of an aging body touch not your face,
Your ears are still ready to hear,
and your feeble voice as encouraging as ever
And your trembling hand reaches out -- no, not for my help,
to give - again and again, the warmth of your benediction!

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