Thursday, 26 February 2015

[Poem] No Bounds

We all face ups and downs in life. And in the moments we are down, we rely on our inner strength to pick ourselves up and move on. I wrote this poem to serve as an inspiration for such times. Because in truth, nothing can really stop us if a fire rages with in our hearts.

Like flowing water,
I find the gaps,
Stealing through every path
-the nooks and crevices,
Although my boundaries change
Even though, they change;
aiming to constrict,
Fervid to constrain.

I gently move,
each inch a mile.
Striving to find my mean
My little moment of happiness
My sun beam.

Sometimes even pebbles impede,
as do stones and rock.
Each fall in the dust,
tears a cry from the heart.
Each bruise on the body
echoes a bruise to the soul!
But a Call from within
Is my staff, my stave,
and I rise once more.

The spirit within
hungers for action.
 Can anyone contain
a storm in a bottle
or a sea in a puddle?
Can anyone dam


The fire within
rages and propels
 this momentum
I know now,
I have no bound,
I know no bounds!

But then,
Was I not always free?

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