Sunday, 16 November 2014

[Poem] Cloudy days

I like cloudy days
Where the light
From light to dark
whetting excitement
Of possible rain;

Rain clouds strewn like grimy wool-
 as though a crazed shearer
 went berserk
piling earth's canopy with his handiwork.

Then the sun zooms in regally,
scuttling, scattering, the scampering cloud cover
plunging earth in a heat shower.

The clouds tiptoe in,
on stealth mode
 and thunder rumbles
 Heralding a portent battle.

The light and dark,
The cool and hot,
The breeze and calm
The noise and silence
Makes the day a symphony of hope and despair.

Life painted and played over
On a vast blue canvas
For some to watch and learn!


  1. wow, wow, the words dance out of your pen (or computer) Bhuvaneswari . staggering light like a drunken man, rain clouds scattered like dirty wool and the battle in the sky. Awestruck is the more.

    1. Thank you very much B Srinivasan for appreciating the imagery!