Wednesday, 29 October 2014

[Poem] Night

A walk in the silken darkness
No one about, but us –
and the clinging shadows.
No sound,
Just you and I 
and the whispering wind.
All about the heady scent
Of newly opened buds
and a balmy fragrance, calms the air.
Rustling leaves mask treading feet.
Our guiding light-
The pale moon above.

I say, 
you should clasp my hand,
And speak your love
Like lovers in plays of yore.
 Compose rhymed couplets on the go
or wax eloquent on the waxing moon!

We are old my dear, you say
Care sits firmly on my brow,
We walk so we may LIVE!

Sugar in veins replaces sugary words
Past our prime,
what's the need for rhyme?
and as for meter 
 Why, you do have a pedometer!

  We need to train our attention
 to halt a growing hypertension; 
Let's also strive meanwhile,
to normalise the lipid profile.

 So, I walked, so I may live-
and If I 'killed' The Bard
Or he died on his own,
I certainly can never tell!

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