Wednesday, 23 July 2014

[Poem] Petrichor


A drop falls
Then another, another…
Each fall radiating to a large circle
Sucked up, by the parched earth.

Hungry pores gnawing -
at the drops falling,
That's when the magic happens.

The livid fire spewing earth
Gleams glistens quivers
and then the fragrance is upon the air!

An indescribable odour,
that excites the senses
A fragrance earthy dusty sandy
Strong enveloping the air

Rising! rising! rising!

You may not feel the first drops fall
You may not see the darkening firmament
You may not hear the thunder rumble,
Yet, you will know of the rain

Just from the smell…

Where was it hidden all this while?
A long time ago it is said
The earth and the sky were locked in embrace.

The sky the man Earth the woman

Pried apart for creation
For you me and every thing the eyes can see.

Then is rain the heaven's tears
To sing its pangs of separation?
The smell of rain earth’s sigh ?
And her rush to meet her heavenly lover?
And thunder and lightening heaven’s joy
At this union?

Sky meets the earth
And the earth sends its love
Alas! trees don’t touch the sky...
The only time the lovers meet
is in rain and snow and sleet

The fragrance speaks its own language -
It tells you its time to dance
Time for paper boats
Time for holidays
Time for pretended illnesses to skip school
Time for a joyful contagion.