Saturday, 12 April 2014

[Poem] Summer Rain

The drops fall
oh! the sound,
of a soft steady fall
a constant fade-fall,
Oh! the waves of sound, sensation and smell.

Submerged in that warm cascade,
I cannot think...

Eddying swirls,
carrying dry brown leaves, dry flowers,
and in the silence,
tiny muddy globes
mimicking a mini cosmos,
and the ever changing patterns in the mud.


You should stand still, unmoving
not protest,
just give in...
That's when the peace descends,
upon you, upon your soul
Divine benediction!


  1. Lovely poem and beautifully expressed.

    Deep thoughts - Yield and win!

    Just like water meandering it's course around the obstacles and finding it's path! Just water be soft and yielding but over time with patience, persistence and perseverance it can break the hardest rocks and smoothens roughest edges!

    The philosophy of Wu Wei !!!

  2. Thanks for sharing that wonderful observation about water being both yielding and powerful!! How true!