Sunday, 2 February 2014

[Poem] Dissonance

Marriage, the union of opposite sexes is both a boon and a bane and  people often complain about their partners and I thought I would touch upon this serious issue in a lighter vein - hence I have used rhyme as an instrument of mitigation.  There are evidently a host of issues that couple don't agree on...  I hope this poem strikes a chord and not a discord in you!
I have used discord in music as an overarching theme.

There are three references to myth in the poem - Venus is the Roman goddess of love ( to symbolize  woman) Mars - the Roman god of war ( to symbolize man) and Narcissus, a Greek hunter who was obsessed with his own beauty and rejected the love of Echo a forest nymph and so was cursed to become the daffodil flower that blooms near water.


Marriage is but dissonance
and discord a consequence 
inevitable when Venus and Mars meet...
When bass and melody compete- 
in the great Master Slave Debate
who will concede defeat?

So, did you expect
a mirrored self, a ditto?
A replica in thought and deed?
 Why Narcissus was indeed
 denied his Echo
 and left to flower by the water's side...

 Learn instead to discern,
 have no cause for concern 
There's beauty in dissonance,
and melody in  discordance.
 The occasional  wrong note
needn't rock your boat
And to work in tandem
is at best random...

Why should I be the bow
to your violin?
Why can't I be a cello?  
 and we, a string duo?


So, as they say
let's agree to disagree
as we travel in life's way
 Marriage isn't purgatory.
If eye doesn't meet eye
 Or hand doesn't hold hand
It's certainly not a goodbye.

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  1. There's beauty in dissonance,
    and melody in discordance.
    Beautiful way of looking at conflict, if only egos don't clash. There is a lot of truth in what u say......