Friday, 23 August 2013

[Poem] Hold my hand, my love


Hold my hand, my love,
Hand me your soft trusting grip,
The road is a maze,
Of booming traffic, teeming life;
I would easily carry you, my love
But for this purse, this bag, this shopping list. 

Hold my hand, my love,
The big bad wolf is out there --
That horrid shape shifter is sometimes a car, 

Sometimes a man,
And I’d rather be your house of bricks.

Your constant chatter
Is half lost in the noise --
But I hear, how far? how far?

You wince at my clawing grip
But you know not, my love
How every speeding monster
Sears my heart and stirs my fears.

Hold my hand, my love,
As we walk together through life,
No, not all of the Seven Ages,
Just, till you think you are no more a child.


Hold my hand, dear mother,
Hand me that soft loving grip,
The road is a maze, but be not afraid,
Am I not the one, by your side?
I could take you around in a chair, mother,
But wait... all in good time.

Hold my hand, dear mother.
The wolves out there are long gone.
I too have built a house of bricks,
Baked in the kiln of my heart. 

I will walk beside you mother,
I will hold your hand in mine --
Not for you that clawing grip,mother
More a gentle but firm grasp...

Until you cross the Seven Ages,
Until, it’s Time to let go…

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