Tuesday, 19 March 2013

[Poem] And I am young again

When I see uniformed forms
Drifting past in a colourful haze,
Laughter, chatter and a youthful daze,
I am young again.

Of strapping lads and sun blushed girls
Of aimless words saying, all else,
Out of shyness, fear or both
And I am young again.

I recall how you stood at my desk,
In an all but empty classroom;
I pretended to write and you pretended too,
But I felt, I read every word, in that chasm of silence.

The petals of foolish love have dotted my years,
And I indolently imagine
What you came to say that day,
And would life be in a different way,
I wish, I were young again...


  1. wow
    yes, there are so many moments that ride past us, we pause and pause, try to gather ourselves to say or do something but by that time the moment has already passed. We rue our indecisiveness, we rue in silence with only our consience as our witness and companion.

    1. Yes it is true that our childhood and youth have several instances where we remained silent as we lacked the boldness that comes with age... But when they are recalled, the incidents evoke mixed feelings sometimes nostalgia, sometimes mirth and the occasional regret! Thank you B Srinivasan!

    2. True B S. It is like caressing a scar of an earlier wound. Sometimes painful. Very nicely written B S